Advanced Technology

R&D Capability

At Globe Union new product Research and Development is a driving force in the growth and success of our customers.

Our team of talented engineers and designers work closely with customers to develop cutting-edge designs and technology. Globe Union's investment in proprietary product development, combined with the continuing development and adoption of new technology, gives our customers a definite edge in an ever more competitive marketplace.

Globe Union's prototype and modeling facilities duplicate the manufacturing process. Computer-assisted design programs enhance speed to market capabilities supporting engineering product design, mold design, and computer driven production equipment.

Before we start production, products are tested extensively to ensure they satisfy the customer's needs for beauty and functionality. Our product development department conducts appropriate tests and obtains necessary certifications to ensure that our products meet or exceed all applicable industry standards.

Globe Union's R&D pioneered on lead-removal technique and non-toxic lead-free treatment process for drinking waters, strictly control consumers' drinking water safety.

Our laboratories have also received the following certifications, some of them unique among
Asian facilities:
ISO-9001 certified systems
CSA (Canadian Standards Association) category certified test labs
IAPMO category certified test labs

A culture of innovation drives every aspect of our products, processes and business models.
* We possess more than 800 patents worldwide.
* We submit more than 200 patents a year worldwide.
* We are a new product machine, introducing on average 3 new products every day!
  Our multidisciplinary product development process is tailored to react quality to market needs
  and opportunities.
* We employ over 500 engineering and technical staff.
* We use 3-D computer design, Pro-E, IntraLink, Product view and rapid prototype modeling          
  technology to enhance interdepartmental communication and our speed to market.